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     Rotary Evaporators

# 1242

   Buchi R-124A R-481A Rotary Evaporator

Buchi R-124A R-481A Rotary Evaporator Servo jack, sparkless motor.
Temperature resolution 1°C, accuracy 2 °C
Digital water bath, temperature up to 100 °C.
Variable (5-240 rpm) speed with an electronic control and digital display.
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# 1230

   Labconco Micro Rotary Evaporator

Labconco Micro Rotary Evaporator All wetted parts are Teflon coated or glass.
Stainless steel bath. Bath temperature from ambient to 100°C
Speed from 0 to 250 rpm.
Sold   Email for more info Call  877 831-5580
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